Best Children's Products 2001

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Original San Francisco Toymakers


  • Creative Product
  • Toy
  • Educational Skills Product
Ages: 3-6

Price: $59.99

Phone: 650-952-7701

Original San Francisco Toymakers Yano

Yano is an interactive storyteller with an innovative, expressive face. The face comes alive as it tells its story. The different facial expressions make them appear real. Yano asks your child what direction they want to go in. The child decides by pressing the picture on Yano’s cordless remote control storybook touch pad. When the decision is made, Yano asks the child to press one of the pictures or hit one of the buttons. Yano’s stories are easy to follow and will keep the action moving. The pause button allows the child to stop, do other activities, and return. The game comes with one story cartridge that features six different story options. Each one lasts up to ten minutes. Yano is available in different languages.

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