Best Children's Products 2001

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Patch Products

Three for All

  • Board Game
Ages: 10-12

Price: $25.00

Phone: 800-524-4263

Patch Products Three for All

This is a game that allows children to use their imagination and to learn to respond to clues and develop teamwork. You divide into two teams and describe clues. When you figure out what the three clues are, then your team scores. Here is an example: One player says: “Hair that plugs up your drain (clog).” “At the gas station, you pay at the pump.” “A tire with no air in it is flat.” The first player to know that they are all related to shoes gets the point. Each time you take a turn, there are only three opportunities to play. This is a game for older kids who want to have fun, expand language, and have a mental challenge.

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