Best Children's Products 2001

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Penton Overseas

Learn in Your Car for Kids

  • Audio Tape
  • Book
  • CD-ROM
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Travel
Ages: 7-12

Price: $19.95

Phone: 800-748-5804

Penton Overseas Learn in Your Car for Kids

This excellent product allows your child to learn French, English, Italian or Spanish while they’re traveling in the car. You can enjoy commuting or travel time and time after school with this fun-filled activity pack that includes an audio program, a CD and cassette as well as an activity set filled with games, stickers, and non-toxic markers. The audio program teaches words, phrases and sentence structure and it includes words, phrases, and songs. There is a 70-minute audio program and a reusable activity book. This is a great value and is definitely a great way for kids to learn different languages.

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