Best Children's Products 2001

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Poetry Pals

Poetry Pals Learning Center

  • Book
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Puzzle
  • Video Tape
  • Creative Product
Ages: 2-7

Price: $89.95

Phone: 877-463-6896

Poetry Pals Poetry Pals Learning Center

This complete learning center includes a puzzle like tree bookshelf organizer that goes up against the wall. It includes 14 individually shaped storyboard books of poetry that make different puzzle pieces for the bookshelf. There is a 36-minute interactive read-along video, a puzzle, and coloring book. The tree book and video becomes an interactive program. There are different stories that the children reads and the pages turn with rhyming words that glow in different colors. This assists children to develop literacy, provides excitement, and expands interest in reading aloud. Children can learn different sounds and words with this product. By experiencing the different books, they are learning different verse, and developing a foundation for learning. The process is repeated until all of the 14 books have been read. There are activities that relate to each of the book’s themes and storylines. This is a great product for home or school.

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