Best Children's Products 2001

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Puppet Partners

Petite Performer Puppet & Props

  • Active
  • Creative Product
  • Fantasy Play
  • Puppet
Ages: 3-12

Price: $8.99 pu

Phone: 801-544-7899

Puppet Partners Petite Performer Puppet & Props

These puppets easily to fit any sized hand. They have a soft neck and elastic finger strap that can keep the puppets in place. Puppets provide children with the opportunity to communicate and express their feelings and ideas. These small puppets have wonderful props that are connected to them such as Public Helpers, which include police, medical props, or The Royal Set that includes knights and jesters. This can be combined with a recording like the Kimbo Educationalís product Castles, Knights and Unicorns as an example of tying together puppets, music and performance. This gives children a wonderful opportunity to read a story, perform it and listen to music. Itís these extensions that make play even more valuable. This innovative company has a variety of excellent puppets that children will enjoy using.

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