Best Children's Products 2001

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Selecta Spielzeug

Millino 1452

  • Toy
Ages: 1-12 mos

Price: $7.50

Phone: 518-273-0726

Selecta Spielzeug Millino 1452

This is a grasping toy for a young child that helps to develop their eye-hand coordination. This toy is the right size to hold and to play with while the child is traveling. Itís flexible, easy to hold and it has a rattle. Other products that your child will enjoy are: Camiono- a four-wheeled shape sorter that has a sound of a bell, mouse driver and is a fun to take along product. Selecta Spielzeug has been making excellent quality products that are safe and made of natural wood material. They are well designed, interesting and stimulating for the young child.

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