Best Children's Products 2001

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Skin Vestment

Boo Boo Buddy

  • Novelty
  • Social Responsibility
Ages: 12 mo-12 yr

Price: $5.95

Phone: 800-346-4655",

Skin Vestment Boo Boo Buddy

This product is designed to help your child deal with pain of a bruise or a cut by introducing a colorful cool pack. The Boo Boo Buddy is well designed, practical and flexible. It can be held in the child’s hand and fun to use. This product is popular with children in hospitals, children who play soccer, and other sports, and is used in recreation centers throughout the country. This product is found in specialty stores and pharmacies or you can find it on-line. Your child will benefit by having a Boo Boo Buddy to help reduce the trauma of an injury. It introduces ways to talk about injuries, how to heal, and reduce upsets.

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