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Hello Kitty Best Friends' Game

  • Board Game
Ages: 6-12

Price: $19.99

Phone: 800-232-7427

Briarpatch Hello Kitty Best Friends' Game

Hello Kitty has been a big success over many years, and now this new game will delight your ”Hello Kitty” enthusiast. The game is set in Kitty’s neighborhood and the friends get together for a slumber party at Hello Kitty’s house. On the way to the party, players spin and land on “Make A Wish”, “Your Favorite Quote” and other spaces. When a player lands on a Friendship space, they draw a card that asks a Friendship, Hello Kitty Says or Dear Diary question. With each question, the player learns something special about another player and collects a sticker for her Best Friends Certificate. The first player to reach Hello Kitty’s house with two stickers from each player wins. There are 54 special Hello Kitty playing cards. This game encourages communication and learning about each other. It is fun and it is also a language development game. It can be played with 2-4 players from aged 7-10 and it makes a wonderful game for anytime. This game can be especially fun at a Birthday party. Briarpatch makes many other wonderful products and include games, play sets and puzzles.

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