Best Children's Products 2001

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Walt Disney Records

Inside-Out Sleep Game

  • Active
  • Audio Tape
  • Musical
Ages: 3-12

Price: $12.95 cd

Phone: 805-969-5654

Walt Disney Records Inside-Out Sleep Game

Pattie Teal has a new recording that nurtures and entertains children. This is a delightful musical collection that will help your child relax so that he can fall asleep easily. As children learn to relax and get ready for sleep it helps them and is a great support to families trying to encourage their children to fall asleep on their own. She provides good tips on preparing your child for sleep. This recording is a perfect activity for children after they have brushed their teeth, read the last story, and gotten a goodnight kiss. They can listen and learn to leave their worries behind, relax their bodies, and more easily get ready for sleep.

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