Best Children's Products 2001

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Williamson Publishing

Make Your Own Birdhouses

  • Active
  • Book
  • Creative Product
  • Social Responsibility
Ages: 8-12

Price: $7.95

Phone: 800-234-8791

Williamson Publishing Make Your Own Birdhouses

You can introduce your child to the world of birds with the design and construction of a birdhouse and nesting boxes. The book includes designs that use recycled and natural materials. This is a great project for kids to use in their own backyard. Blueprints are included. The book is well illustrated and friendly. They can make real bird feeders plus they can learn how to identify and take care of birds. They can also learn how to make a simple birdbath. This is part of a series of activities that all children can benefit from participating in. Williamson has a long line of excellent activity books. Another book worth noting is: Going West--A Journey on a Wagon Train to Settle a Frontier Town. This story is another book that involves learning and constructing. You can make additional pieces that will give your child a real sense of history of how things looked during the early years of the historic West.

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