Classic Toys 2001

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Duncan Toys

Tetra Tops

Ages: 5 - 8 years

Price: $7.99

Phone: 800-457-5252

Year Introduced: 1955

Duncan Toys Tetra Tops

This the first spinning top that has more than one axis of spin. This top can spin on any of its spheres not just one, a breakthrough in new design of a classic toy. The top teaches children the way that nature build with spheres and it comes with trading cards that teach about the structures of the shapes. Your child will be fascinated with this toy, have fun, and learn more about physics and chemistry.

Designed by Kurt Przybilla who was fascinated by Buckminister Fuller, and the geodesic jungle gym he played with as a child. He developed a toy that expanded the geodesic dome, an omni directional top.

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