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ImagiBRICKS™ Giant Blocks

  • Construction Toy
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Toy
Ages: 18 months - 6 years

Price: $33.99

Phone: 800-882-0217

Year Introduced: 1970

ImagiBRICKS™ Giant Blocks

Every child benefits from playing with large cardboard blocks, particularly those that are light and can be moved easily. This is a product that has been around for many generations and everyone delights in using them. The blocks are a 40 piece set strong enough to stand or sit on. They come in three sizes- the largest 12"x6" x3" and are sturdy, colorful, and can be used for a variety of purposes in addition to building.

Children can learn math and basics of geometry while they are building. This product line is improved due to the coating of a non-toxic varnish, which makes them water resistant, and a great plus--easy to clean. Blocks help children explore and discover. Children learn through block play while they gain control over their environment, and gain skills such as manipulating objects. 6Because they are open-ended they encourage imagination and creatibity. Building with blocks provides stimulation, gives children plenty of active play, and helps them with stretching.

lock play is good for all children. They can be carried in the Red Radio Flyer wagon, enjoyed while building, or knocking them down. You can begin to help your children learn by referring to a blue block, a red block, or find the one that is nearest, or move one block over the other one. Your child will develop eye/hand coordination, and practice other movement. Skills that children learn through block building include counting, sorting, problem-solving, perceptual, motor, memory, and cooperative play. The size of the block helps a child gain confidence, and encourages social play. Also available is a 32 piece Castle Block set , and a set of 24 City Blocks that have pictures of buildings. These can be added to the basic blocks. The pictures include a market, pet store, a fire house, and a toy store.

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