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Radio Flyer

Classic Red Tricycle

  • Toy
  • Ride on
Ages: 2 1/2 - 5 yrs years

Price: $50.00

Phone: 800-621-7613

Year Introduced: 2000

Radio Flyer Classic Red Tricycle

This red trike will please your tyke. It is the perfect riding experience. It features chrome handle bars and fender, sturdy steel construction, a double deck rear step are just some of the features. In addition the wheels are secure with steel spokes. It has a real, ringing chrome bell. This vehicle is a great first transportation and active ride. It's going to make your little one very happy.

In 1914 Antonio Pasin came off a boat from Venice, Italy with his dreams. He had very little money, but he had the craftsman's ability so he put his dream into practice. He sold the family mule to pay for his ticket to come to America. By 1917 he purchased some used woodworking equipment and created wooden wagons in a rented one-room shop. He made wagons at night and sold them during the day. His business grew. In 1923 he founded Liberty Coaster Company, which he named after the Statue of Liberty. He saw that handcrafting could produce relatively few wagons. He turned to the auto industry for inspiration. He began to use a medal stamping technology to produce the wagons and applied mass production techniques. In 1930 he operated under the name Radio Steel and Manufacturing and was the world's largest producer of coaster wagons. And in tough times the basic value of the wagon continued and it continued operating during the depression and other times. By the 1930's Radio Flyer was a thriving business.

In 1933 16 years after its founding he built a 45-foot tall coaster boy exhibit that was the hit of the Chicago World's Fair. At the Fair the latest Radio Flyer products were available and a miniature wagon for just a quarter. In a decade and a half a poor boy from Venice had become one of Chicago's representatives to the world. He named the wagon after the radio because everyone was fascinated by the wireless invention made by a fellow Italian Marconi and Flyer, which gave recognition to the world of flight. The company contributed to World War II by making the Blitz can, a 5 gallon fuel that mounted on the backs of jeeps and trucks.

The company grew into carts, wheelbarrows and other styles of vehicles. The red paint is durable, non-toxic and the construction of the product is solid with the most up-to-date improvements. There are many safety features for safety such as a way to control the front undercarriage to keep the wagons from tipping over. For generations the wagon has become a traditional holiday gift for children. Memories are full of the joy of playing with the wagon. The third generation is operating the company today.

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