Classic Toys 2001

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VTech Industries

Power Zone Edge

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Electronic
  • Toy
Ages: 9 - 12 years

Price: $139.99

Phone: 800-521-2010

Year Introduced: 1990

VTech Industries Power Zone Edge

This computer will give your child a learning edge. There are 72 educational activities, which include math, language arts, personal activities, trivia, homework lab, games, computer skills, programming, art and creativity, creative writing plus a calculator. Your child can create word-processed documents using a 75,000-word spell check. It will store personal phone numbers and addresses. The games are fun for one or more players. There are bonus cartridges for foreign language and typing. This is a product that your child will enjoy using. It has e- mail that enables your child to stay connected with friends and family. The printer port can be connected to an inkjet printer, sold separately. It requires four C batteries or a 9-volt AC adapter, which is included. A great price for an excellent, powerful and timely product.

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