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Zapf Creation


  • Doll
Ages: 3 - 8 years

Price: $49.99

Phone: 407-351-7702

Year Introduced: 1991

Zapf Creation's Baby Born

This is a doll your child can enjoy as their very first doll baby experience. This doll has all the attributes of a real baby. Your child will find lifelike aspects, such as a raised belly button, wrinkles, baby fat, and movable joints. This baby drinks, wets her diaper, eats, uses the potty, cries, squeaks, and moves her arms and legs. It will provide your child with long lasting role-playing. There are many accessories including an extensive clothing line, socks, shoes, pajamas, and other items. There is an outfit for all circumstances. Your child will delight in enjoying the variety of clothes they can use to play dress up. Additional items include a playpen, carrying case, stroller and more. Accessories are realistic and well made. There are accessories including a changing bag set, pacifier, bottles, and many other fun playthings. There is even suitcase with wheels and a seat, carrying pack and doll stroller. I have long advocated for a reduction of jealousy and upsets when the older child receives a doll baby like this. The doll is perfect to help to reduce sibling rivalry when a new baby arrives. The doll provides a perfect outlet to behave just like Mommy and Daddy, and can help the child appreciate their newborn sibling, express positive feelings, and prevent or at least reduce any negative feelings like jealousy. Understanding this can help make the transition a lot easier.

Zapf Creation is a major doll company in Europe. It is still a new company in the United States. Located in Rodental Germany the company was founded in 1932, and has been a family- owned business for 60 years. In 1992 the family sold the company to Triumph-Adler. The company has high standards for quality, safety, and play and has many delightful dolls in the line.

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