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Binary Arts

Dino Dodg'em

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Puzzle
  • Travel
Ages: 8-12

Price: $9.99

Phone: 703-549-4999

Binary Arts Dino Dodg'em

This is a fun strategy game. Itís a pegged game board with play and store case beneath to hold all of the pieces. A racing strategy game for two players the goal is to get your team of three dinosaurs across and off the game board before your opponent does. The game is easy to play and itís great for travel. You begin with dinosaurs at the starting line and match up the dinos with the colored pegs along the side of the board. You take turns moving one dinosaur at a time forward or sideways only. The other players try to block the progress and dodge each other to win. This product includes a secret strategy tips booklet to learn how to play and continue to get better.

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