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Parenting By Design

TV Allowance Game

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Social Responsibility
Ages: 9-12

Price: $19.95

Phone: 866-442-6292

Parenting By Design TV Allowance Game

This game is based on a reward system. Itís simple and works. Teach your child to learn how to control the amount of time they spend watching TV. Plus, they will practice skills and learn how to organize their time. They learn and practice budgeting skills, time management, decision-making, delaying rewards, and developing alternative interests. It improves the positive approach and strengthens communication in the family. Instead of nagging your children, you can do something positive to help them learn alternatives to being passive. Set positive limits, encourage your children to increase physical fitness, become more creative, and imaginative. Each game includes 20 plastic TV watching tickets, laminated game rules, agreement card with magnets, dry erase marker for modifying weekly agreement, and TV watching ticket wallet. Check in with their website and play the game and you will improve your family communication.

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