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PATH/Learning Zone Express

Safari of Life Sexuality Game

  • Board Game
  • Educational Skills Product
Ages: 6-12

Price: $19.95

Phone: 888-455-7003

PATH/Learning Zone Express Safari of Life Sexuality Game

This game was developed to assist parents to communicate with their children about sexuality. The product is fun, age appropriate, and informative. Based on international studies, the organization learned ways to help parents with words to talk with young people. The research has shown that communication about sexuality should be a life-long, positive dialog. This dialog protects children from sexual abuse, teaches them how to protect themselves, and be open with their parents. It also helps children build a safer and healthier life, free from infections and unwanted pregnancies. Conversations on these topics are often awkward, but in the game the child learns. There is additional information about dating, reproductive health, and other issues. Children of all ages can play the game.

Before playing, parents are instructed to read through the facts and feeling card sets, removing any cards they feel are not appropriate. Children and parents can use the blank cards to ask questions. Questions can be added to the set. Playing the game helps parents understand any misunderstandings. The game board is colorful and laminated. There are dice, answer booklets for facts, and over 100 question cards.

The game is available through the distributor, . The Path organization (Program for Appropriate Technology and Health) makes no money from the sale of the game. Their goal is healthy families worldwide.
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