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Pencil Grip

Band Buddies Ball Kit

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Creative Product
  • Novelty
  • Travel
Ages: 6-12

Price: $5.00

Phone: 800-736-4747

Pencil Grip Band Buddies Ball Kit

This is a great kit for your child and will provide a fun activity. They learn to make a super ball using a bright assortment of high quality rubber bands. They will be able to learn how to make a new twist on a super ball center. The results will be a high-flying rubber band ball and the fun that they created it themselves. It keeps them busy while they are in a car, or a trip and the results are something to play with when they arrive at their destination. This is a product that will stimulate both eye/hand coordination and visual sequencing. It is fun to throw and catch, and it will bounce over 40 feet in the air.

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