Vacation Products 2001

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Camp Kazoo

Boppy 5-in-1 Fun

    Ages: 1-12 mos

    Price: $45.00

    Phone: 888-772-6779

    Camp Kazoo Boppy 5-in-1 Fun

    A delightful product to help your baby is cradled in a pillow. Itís soft and supportive. They have a variety of toys in the activity arch to provide a complete stimulating environment for your baby. Theyíre getting support, playing, lying, exercising, and learning how to focus. This product comes with a variety of Sassy developmental toys to stimulate babyís growth. The toy arch clips on and off the Boppy. The toys can be interchanged and replaced. A versatile and superior in design it can be carried with a handle. Itís perfect for all baby activities. Itís colorful and easy to keep clean.

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