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Child Light

Pilgrim Family--American Adventure Play Set

  • Educational Skills Product
Ages: 6-12

Price: $28.00

Phone: 888-780-6258

Child Light Pilgrim Family--American Adventure Play Set

This pilgrim family set has a 32-page booklet, maps and pictures. It develops an understanding of the courage displayed by ancestors of this country. The Pilgrim family is a real-life account of two passengers aboard the Mayflower. There are moveable figures and accessories that allow them to role-play the events. This includes a replica of the village house furnished with a variety of typical furniture like a replica of a cradle. The program is complete with information on a website that provides additional resources to parents and teachers. There are exercises and projects, board games, maps and pictures to color and more. This is an excellent supplement to classroom learning to be used by parents and teachers who are looking for quality products for their children. There are other historical themes available.

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