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Curiosity Kits

My Own Band

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Musical
  • Creative Product
Ages: 3-5

Price: $20.00

Phone: 877-510-5487

Curiosity Kits My Own Band

This is part of a new series of wonderful kits for pre-school children. The idea is to give little children an opportunity to experience the fun of making something and developing new skills. These are easy to follow and definitely worth looking into. They have convenient carrying cases that can be taken along on a trip and to provide something interesting to do after they arrive. My Own Band is 6 sturdy percussion instruments. They include paper mache boxes, craft sticks, jingle bells and rubber bands. It comes with paint and other decorating supplies. So after the child decorates them, they can play with them. Others in the series include Color Me Kitty, prestitched; Color My Cap, a baseball cap with four colors, fabric paint; clay to make into different objects; a sock hobbyhorse; and a paddle boat race. All of these kits are great fun.

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