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Days at the Beach

Can You Dig It Sand Tools

  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Hobby
  • Travel
Ages: 4-12

Price: $12.99

Phone: 877-513-6069

Days at the Beach Can You Dig It Sand Tools

In one handy bag your child will find six durable, high quality plastic sand sculpting tools. The durable brightly colored bag makes it easy to find and reuse the tools. There is an informative, detailed instruction book. This kit is perfect to take along to the beach for an enjoyable and creative project for the whole family. The tools have been tested to work 0.5-in the sand and work very well. There are some excellent websites included to provide more tips for your family on sculpting on the beach. The person who designed the products is a landmark wood restorer, who has a special interest in sand sculpting.

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