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Kuleana Productions

Be A Hula Girl

  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Travel
  • Video Tape
Ages: 3-12

Price: $24.95

Phone: 866-367-4852

Kuleana Productions Be A Hula Girl

This delightful package can introduce the art of the hula dance to your daughter. The video included provides an excellent training for learning the hula. In addition the package includes a hula skirt, accessories and shells. The video is filmed on ocean front grounds. Your daughter can dress up in the accessories and pretend she is a Hawaiian hula girl. It provides an experience of the culture and language of Hawaii. The songs and dances tell a story. This will help your child understand the language of hula. The video brings together the music and coordination of dancing plus dressing up and the hula performance. This is a wonderful way to introduce the dance and to give your child something interesting to do in the summer and learn more about the hula. The songs are easy to learn. Your child will learn new expressions that help them understand another culture. The dancer who is on the program is Leinaala, a professional dancer and Hawaiian culture expert. The skirt is made of natural, flame resistant raffia.

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