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Binary Arts

Flip It

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Puzzle
  • Travel
Ages: 8-12

Price: $11.99

Phone: 703-549-4999

Binary Arts Flip It

The topsy turvy jump and flip strategy game is fun for one player strategy. Nob Yoshigahara who created Rush Hour designed it. Turtles start out belly up and you flip the turtles by jumping over them. The object is to change all the turtles from belly up to shell up. Itís perfect for traveling as well. You start by selecting a challenge from the card deck. You place all the turtles belly up on the playing surface matching the pattern on the card. The turtles jump over other turtles vertically, horizontally or diagonally. When a turtle is jumped you flip it over. The turtle that does the jumping does not flip over. Keep jumping until every turtle on the board is shell up. It will tells you the minimum number of moves it takes to solve the challenge and it gets better as you go along. It strengthens pattern recognition and logic. This is from a great company that makes brainteasers, puzzles, games and toys.

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