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Atori Publishing

Finny Finds Friends in the Forest

  • Book
  • CD-ROM
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Musical
Ages: 3-5

Price: $18.95

Phone: 570-383-2579

Atori Publishing Finny Finds Friends in the Forest

This combination of book and audio CD offers a 32-page hardcover booklet and a 15-minute audio CD with a dramatized story of sing-along songs. This is an innovative picture book that is written by a reading specialists and an elementary school principal. The repetitions and rhythms provide good auditory stimulation to encourage your child to do more word play. Children will find the pictures and characters on each page helpful in learning how to sequence and understand the story. There are three sing-along songs that reinforce the story itself. They are age appropriate and the graphics are very well done. The combination of book and music will help your child with their interest in reading. There is a guide for parents included and factual information about fish.

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