Best Children's Products 2002

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Elenco Electronics

Electronic Snap Circuits

  • Electronic Game
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Hobby
  • Science
Ages: 8-12

Price: $59.95

Phone: 800-533-2441

Elenco Electronics Electronic Snap Circuits

This is a unique product for an older child. Snap Circuits and Snap Circuits Junior allow your child to create exciting experiments. The diagrams are provided in a manual and you can build over 300 projects such as an AM radio, burglar alarm, flash light, doorbell and more. You can play electronic games as well. All the parts are mounted in plastic modules and snap together with ease. Your child will learn more about electronics and by following the easy, colorful instructions, they will better understand circuitry. There are no tools required. This product uses 2 AA batteries. The company that produces this product also produces a wide range of educational products related to electronics.

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