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Kasey the Kinderbot

  • Active
  • Electronic Game
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Social Responsibility
  • Software
Ages: 3-7

Price: $64.99

Phone: 800-432-5437

Fisher-Price Kasey the Kinderbot

This is a new interactive robotic friend that will help your child to get ready for school. Your child’s new friend can help with learning the alphabet, sing songs like “Hokey-Pokey,” share thoughts or do other skills in academic, social and physical areas. The robot comes to life with an electronic display screen, moving and using realistic speech. There are games and activities that teach pre-reading skills plus counting with numbers. There are forty different skills that help children develop success for schools. Kasey has a friend called “Chip” that appears on Kasey’s screen and helps to develop good social behavior like using manners and taking turns. There are additional software cartridges available to extend learning in reading, math, science and foreign languages (sold separately). This product requires 3 D batteries, not included.

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