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International Playthings

Honey Bee Tree

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Ages: 3-5

Price: $14.99

Phone: 800-631-1272

International Playthings Honey Bee Tree

The object of this action game is to skillfully remove the leaves without waking the bees. Your child will enjoy playing this game. Players choose a number section of the tray base that surrounds the tree. Then carefully pull the leaves out of the honey tree, being careful not to wake the sleeping bees. Once a player pulls a leaf, the tree is turned so that the opening in the stump is aligned with the numbered section of the next player. If you pull out the wrong leaf or if your hand starts to shake, bees will come tumbling out of the tree onto your numbered space in the tray. Once all the leaves are removed from the honey tree, or all of the bees are awake and out of the tree, the player with the least amount of bees in his/her section of the tray is the winner. This game comes complete with 1 honey pot, 1 oak tree, 1 tray base, 32 leaves, 30 honey bees and game rules. Other products introduced this year from International Playthings include: Leaping Frogs game to toss bean bags onto a lily pad, Soft Busy Blocks with stimulating sounds, Cutie Bug Shape Sorter with bright colors and sounds and Sea Tales Book & Puppet for exploration.

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