Best Children's Products 2002

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Kid Galaxy

Bendos Camper

  • Fantasy Play
  • Outdoor Play
  • Toy
Ages: 6-10

Price: $24.99

Phone: 800-816-1135

Kid Galaxy Bendos Camper

This ultimate Camper is going to provide a lot of play activity. This action set comes with a Bendo called “Scout” who sports a backpack and hat and fits comfortably behind the camper wheel. The Camper has many items that your child will enjoy playing with: two chairs, food to cook on the grill, a storage bin, beverage cooler, table and lantern. This is a product that will delight your young traveler.

Other products in this line include: My First RC Dump Truck which is a radio controlled dump truck with boulders and barricades and the KG Racer remote control car that simulates driving. They are small enough to race on tables or on the floor. The other bendable, pose able figures that are popular are the different Bendos characters and animals.

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