Best Children's Products 2002

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KIDdesigns, Inc.

Tuff Stuff Stereo CD Player

  • Active
  • CD-ROM
  • Fantasy Play
  • Hobby
  • Musical
Ages: 4-7

Price: $69.99

Phone: 888-867-8697

KIDdesigns, Inc. Tuff Stuff Stereo CD Player

Here is a colorful CD player that provides music and a karaoke additional singing feature with 24 great songs. There is a volume limiter that allows parents to set the maximum tone. There is plenty of animation and opportunities for singing along. This will help your child to develop confidence and learning to sing will be an enjoyable activity for them. The storage drawer holds up to 4 CDs. There is a protection to reduce skipping that is made out of heavy construction and has a strong handle. This is a product that will give your child many hours of fun. The songs include: Hickory, Dickory Dock, Skip to My Lou and Yankee Doodle Boy, among others.

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