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That's My Name

  • Video Tape
Ages: 1-24 mos

Price: $16.99

Phone: 800-444-7336

KidPhD.Inc That's My Name

This unique personalized story book allows your child to be the center of the story. You can select from the range of names available for girls and boys. Your child will delight in hearing their own name throughout the story. Thats My Name! is divided into eight stimulating and entertaining chapters: Its A Brand New Day, Pretty Birds, Funny Fish, Busy Bee, Shapes N Stuff, Animal Antics, The Tuneland Baby Band, and Sleepy Time. Music is by Tim Greggory and songs by Erin Bode. This 30 minute tape takes children through the Land of Enchantment. Each chapter focuses on a different environment and includes its own sound effects.

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