Best Children's Products 2002

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  • Educational Skills Product
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Ages: 5-10

Price: $7.95

Phone: 800-737-4123

Klutz Wraps

This is a new educational product from a great company. Your child will build basic reading and math skills through matching exercises. Use the string to connect every item in the top row of each page with its match on the bottom row. Flip the deck over and the string should overlap the answer key. This product is delightfully illustrated and there is plenty of humor along with the learning. The Reading Wraps and Math Wraps are grade specific materials from Kindergarten through Grade 2. Multiplication Wrap will help your child to learn and enjoy the world of mathematics. There are seven products in this series including Kindergarten Math Shapes, Kindergarten Early Words, and First Grade Animal Math. There are plenty of creative products in the Klutz line, and you will find lots of activities for all ages to enjoy.

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