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Lionel Trains

Ballyhoo Brothers Circus Train

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Ages: 8-12

Price: $299.95

Phone: 586-949-4100

Lionel Trains Ballyhoo Brothers Circus Train

Always a classic toy, this delightful new addition of a locomotive with rolling stock provides your child with imaginative fun. There is a Hudson 4-6-4 steam locomotive and tender, bobbing head clown car, lion tamer, chase gondola, elephant sweeper car, and caboose. Also included are 8 pieces of straight and 8 pieces of curved O-27 track, 40 watt transformer/controller and smoke fluid. Features include realistic circus music, operating headlight, puffing smoke unit, die-cast metal painted bodies, and other aspects. This train will be a delight for the holidays or any time of the year and for all ages.

Lionel has been a world wide leader in train manufacturing, particularly the O gauge market.

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