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All By Myself

All By Myself "Getting Dressed"

  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Social Responsibility
  • Video Tape
Ages: 2-5

Price: $14.95

Phone: 866-408-5437

All By Myself All By Myself

This is a wonderful new video in a self help series that will provide support to your child as they gain self confidence. The videos help your child learn how to dress themselves as they watch other children and pick up new skills. This process helps make them feel more independent. The series of self-help videos include getting dressed, taking care of pets, being helpful, and getting ready for bed and school.This is a great idea for young children as they get help from their friendly animated host, Buddy the Ladybug. Your child will be motivated to expand their capacities for independence and proudly say: I did it by myself!

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