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3186 - Airport

  • Creative Product
  • Fantasy Play
  • Social Responsibility
  • Transportation
  • Toy
Ages: 4-8

Price: $89.99

Phone: 800-752-9662

Playmobil 3186 - Airport

The airport is an exciting new play and construct activity center with an assortment of realistic accessories. It provides plenty of play experience. The airport includes a boarding gate, control tower, a jumbo jet airplane, service vehicle, baggage carrier, taxi and figures. There is an elevator check-in counter, movable luggage, carousel, realistic control tower and a lot more. This activity will allow your child to use their imagination, expand language development and pretend play. Headquartered in Zimdorf, Germany, this company's product is found around the world. There are many additional Playmobil activity sets. To learn more, see website.

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