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R & R Games

Time's Up

  • Active
  • Board Game
  • Card Game
Ages: 10-12

Price: $19.99

Phone: 888-874-3353

R & R Games Time's Up

“Time’s Up!” has been a popular party game for older children and adults of all ages. Players race to see who can collect the most celebrity cards from the “Time’s Up!” Deck of Fame. A new deck expands the game and includes new cards. It’s a fast and easy game to play that requires thinking and improvisation. The Expansion Deck of Fame I and Expansion Deck of Fame II will provide hours of fun for the whole family to enjoy. It’s a lot of fun to play while encouraging verbal activity and communication. Games will help your child to develop verbal skills. This product is part of a line of very excellent games developed by Frank DiLorenzo that includes another new game called “Pig Pile.”

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