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Rising Stars Toys

Squeeze Me Music Soft Piano

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Musical
  • Plush Toy
  • Toy
Ages: 2-5

Price: $29.95

Phone: 317-566-8778

Rising Stars Toys Squeeze Me Music Soft Piano

This is a new and unique piano. The sound has been safety tested and it is just right. It is the first and only soft, squeezable, and fully functional musical instrument. The unique electronic plush construction means it is safe for young children. It is sensitive and sized for small hands. Your child will surely enjoy making music with this fun new product. It sounds good, is enjoyable and has a learning system based on the “Rainbow Gang.” Match the pictures on the buttons of the soft piano to the characters, colors and letters in the song book and your child will easily be able to play 8 melodies. The booklet uses a keyboard to teach music in order to help make the connection between reading and music notation. This product works easily with the skill level of the preschool child. Squeeze Me Music is part of a line of soft instruments that provide response and safety. You can find something for your own child through the guitar, bongos or piano.

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