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Atollo Systems

Atollo a120 Building Kit

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Construction Toy
  • Creative Product
  • Hobby
  • Toy
Ages: 5-10

Price: $12.99

Phone: 866-428-6556

Atollo Systems Atollo a120 Building Kit

This is a new building system where the pieces can be flexible or rigid, depending on how they are put together. There is a socket and hinge which allows you to build more complex constructions. The a120 Building Kit comes with 120 pieces in 4 different colors, and will build a variety of crazy creatures and is compatile with LEGO and KNEX. Instructions to build a dinosaur are included. This creative toy was invented in the early 1980ís by Scottish architect Donald McDonald who wanted to explore 3-dimensional construction systems. Atollo Systems also makes the a240 Building Kit which comes with 240 pieces in 4 different colors and comes with instructions to build an aero plane.

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