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VTech Electronics

Knights of Knowledge

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Toy
Ages: 5-8

Price: $49.99

Phone: 800-521-2010

VTech Electronics Knights of Knowledge

Knights of Knowledge is a unique and enchanting three-dimensional learning castle that opens up to invite children ages 5 and up to select their own educational adventure. Each time children play, a friendly dragon comes to life to lead them to fun surprises such as trapdoors, dungeons and crocodiles. A group of magical characters - Sir-Counts-A-Lot, King Ed Word and Lady Logic - coach children as they engage in spelling, reading, math and logic activities. As children search for the Dragon's Gold and work through the activities, they interact with a magical crystal ball LCD screen, Excalibur joystick and drawbridge keyboard. Through VTech's recognition technology, the castle recognizes which character has been selected and where it's located, and then asks appropriate thematic questions to continue the adventure.

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