Best Classic Toys 2002

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Gemini Kaleidoscopes

Colors Kaleidoscope

  • Creative Product
  • Toy
Ages: 5-10

Price: $7.50

Phone: 800-999-8700

Year Introduced: 1991

Gemini Kaleidoscopes Colors Kaleidoscope

These magical kaleidoscopes have been favorites for all ages for many years. Your child will delight in looking at the kaleidoscope in any time but they are particularly wonderful for stimulating, writing, thinking and creating. We are keeping an eye on Gemini!

Brief History of Gemini

The company, located in Pittsburgh, PA, was started in 1980 by Linda and Mike Thurston. They set up shop to develop a variety of unique kaleidoscopes. One of their first customers was the Smithsonian Institution. They began launching various products in museums and toy stores around the world. Over the years, their styles have expanded. to include the smallest kaleidoscope is 5 inches long and the largest at 3 feet! The prices range from $5 to $20. Gemini has designed many custom kaleidoscopes for a wide variety of clients, including the Special Olympics, HJ Heinz, Peter Max art, Edwin Scholssberg Designs and Martha Stewart Catalogue.

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