Best Classic Toys 2002

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Pennsylvania Flyer

  • Electronic
  • Hobby
Ages: 8-12

Price: $169.90

Phone: 586-949-4100

Year Introduced: 1990

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer

The great name of Lionel moves along over time as does the Pennsylvania Flyer.This four-four- toot- steam locomotive includes a tender boxcar gondola with two canisters, square caboose, 8 pieces of straight and 8 pieces of curved track plus a transformer and smoke fluid. The locomotive is capable of forward, neutral and reverse operation, and features an air whistle, operating headlight, and puffing smoke unit. The length of the train set stretches 46-1/2 inches, and the layout dimensions is 27x63 inches. This train will delight your child! Great product to enjoy together.

History of Lionel

The 1900 Joshua Lionel Cowen founded the Lionel Manufacturing Company, He produced the first toy train as a display to make window shopping more exciting. When a toy retailer put the train in his window, everyone wanted to buy the train. Trains have become a childhood favorite ever since.

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