Best Classic Toys 2002

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Small World Toys

Original Gertie

  • Active
  • Outdoor Play
Ages: 3-7

Price: $4.00

Phone: 310-645-9680

Year Introduced: 1990

Small World Toys Original Gertie

Gertie is a special textured ball that makes it easy to catch and throw. It is a perfect first ball. It's excellent for use indoors or for outdoor play. You can remove the inflation straw so it is perfect for travel. It's been around for a long time. A colorful and fun way for children to play balls are always great gifts. This series are textured, light weight and available in red, blue, green, pink and purple. It has been a classic for well over ten years.

History of Small World

Small World has a wide range of products from developmental, imagination, outdoor science, nature, music, arts and crafts vehicles in a variety of products from all over the world. You will find a great many wonderful products in the Small World line.

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