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Francis Family Toys

Jacob's Ladder

  • Active
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Toy
Ages: 3-9

Price: $7.95

Phone: 888-558-9616

Year Introduced: 1978

Francis Family Toys Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder is one of the artifacts found in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Since Egyptian times it has been found in cultures throughout the world. The wooden blocks and ribbon that has been made into Jacob's Ladder has delighted children for thousands of years. Made now by the Francis Family, it continues to delight children of all ages. It provides many skills and is an important first classic toy. The toy Jacob's Ladder is connected to bright red and blue ribbons. It is able to move easily and do a variety of tricks. The first play aspect of Jacob's Ladder is when you let the toy hang down and hold the top and it cascades down. Children will be amazed at how it moves and will want to figure it out. There is also butterfly design, a snake, disappearing table, different shapes that you can make. It is a disappearing coin trick in an optical illusion. All of these directions are part of the package that comes with the Jacob's Ladder. Folk toys have remained popular and companies like Francis Family Toys have helped to make this happen.

Brief History of Francis Family Toys

John and Donna Boland decided to set up a business with three products employing families living in villages throughout Northeast New Mexico. Their cottage industry had farmed out the work. The Boland's started by selling crafts and selling Jacob's Ladders. They also have a sewing toy that helps the child thread in and out of a wooden cylinder. They have learned a great deal after a lot of experience in the business and from making the products themselves. They also make a ring toss game called Pomma Winga. The name of the company came from St. Francis. It combines their philosophy of child rearing family and business. Their museum quality folk toys are available around the world.

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