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Hasbro Games

Wee Little Piggies

  • Board Game
Ages: 4-6

Price: $19.99

Phone: 888-836-7025

Hasbro Games Wee Little Piggies

Your child will enjoy playing on the farm with the little piggies that went to market. They sit in a pen centered on the game board. With each turn, the player picks up the pig and listens to the clue given regarding which pig it is (such as the one that went to market or the one that ate roast beef). If the pig from the first line of the rhyme is picked, the player goes again and tries to find the second pig in the nursery rhyme. Players move their pigs around the game board until the number of spaces match the number of verses they have correct. Once all of the five pigs are picked up in the correct order, the game mixes the order up before the new round begins. The game continues until all of the pigs land in the pig pen. When all the piggies are back inside the gate, they sing the nursery rhyme and the game ends. This game will help your child develop listening skills, memory, sequencing skills plus itís lots of fun.

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