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On A Lark

Hide and Seek Interactive Plush

  • Electronic Game
  • Plush Toy
Ages: 3-12

Price: $12.00

Phone: 888-477-6532

On A Lark Hide and Seek Interactive Plush

Itís a new form of Hide and Seek. Children play with these cats by finding a hiding place for the cat, activating the cat by pressing its paw, and then letting others find the cat by listening for the catís voice. The cat will cry out ďIím Over Here.Ē Every 30 seconds until its found. When a child finds and picks up the cat, the cat rewards the child by saying ďYou found me! Letís play Hide and Seek againĒ Then itís time to play hide and seek again. These cats provide physical stimulation as well as interaction. Children will have fun finding hiding places for their feline friends. Each of the five different cats has a different name based on where he likes to hide. The principal inventor for the product is Charles Cummings known for his createions at Kenner, the Easy Bake Oven and Baby Alive Doll. The cats are based on cartoon cats drawn by artist and On A Lark founder, Kevin Whitlark.

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