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Rhino Toys


  • Active
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Travel
  • Transportation
Ages: 0-12

Price: $6.95

Phone: 831-458-5118

Rhino Toys Oball

This unique new ball is made up of smooth connected rings. It forms a soccer ball shape. Itís light, easy to catch and hold, and can be played by children and adults of all ages. Babies can clutch the ball in their hands and of course drop it. Toddlers can roll, grab and toss the ball. Preschoolers can kick, throw and catch the ball. Older children can use the Oball for play. This ball can be compressed and taken along anywhere. Itís good for adults and children to play together. This product is colorful, easy to clean and will delight the whole family. The Oball is a new type of ball that is fun and safe.

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