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Small World Toys

Dino Beach Bones

  • Creative Product
Ages: 3-7

Price: $15.00

Phone: 800-421-4153

Small World Toys Dino Beach Bones

This set is a new twist on sand play. Beach bones allow your child to design their own huge T-Rex dinosaur right on top of the sand. There are ten dinosaur bone molds to create a realistic skeleton. The child lays out the bones and will have a great time creating their sand-dinosaur. This product will keep your little ones busy. They will have lots of fun pouring water all over their dinosaur molds and starting over. A very creative product and a great way to have fun at the beach. You can use these molds for other activities like Jell-O if you want to be really creative. There is a handy mesh storage bag provided to carry to the beach.

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