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Kid's Klues: Complete Caregiver Guide

  • Software
Ages: 0-0

Price: $49.95

Phone: 877-543-5583

VBW Kid's Klues: Complete Caregiver Guide

This product provides a guide for parents to share important information with their caregiver. Every possible situation that can arise is included in this software. Itís very easy to follow. There is emergency medical information, special needs and safety information included. This is an important guide for families because it will help to reduce the stress that face parents when they are away from home. The product includes CD-ROM with an organizer and print tabs. There are 25 tables of information covering ten sections of home care that can be personalized. There are special features for babies under a year old. The pockets fit in the organizer to store keys, cards, insurance information and whatever else is necessary. Everything to properly instruct caregiver is in one easy to read central location. The kit includes CD-Rom, binder, preprinted index tabs, platic pockets and labels. This product was invented by three Pennsylvania mothers who needed to work out balancing work and home. One is the mother of twins.

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