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Write-To-Read Treasure Hunt

Rainbow Treasure Hunt

  • Card Game
  • Educational Skills Product
Ages: 3.5-8

Price: $19.95

Phone: 877-552-4868

Write-To-Read Treasure Hunt Rainbow Treasure Hunt

This is an excellent new and easy game that will make your child’s learning more enjoyable. There is a game where children journey to locate a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Each card contains two clues for each letter of the alphabet. The clues selected lead to the next object to be found. Once the object is located, the child writes the first letter or the name of the object found on the white erasable board. You can hide the clue cards so children can go on a physical treasure hunt. The cards are colorful. It is sure to keep your little one happily occupied. This game uses all of the letters in the alphabet; it also has the treasure hunt. Another great aspect of this game is that there is no winning or losing. Everybody gets to the pot of gold through the journey as the child practices how to write and read. Available in English and in French.

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